Alt names: Nano Mashin, 喇勞 魔神, 奈米魔神, 某天成为魔神, 나노마신,
Author: 한중월야, 현절무
Artist: 금강불괴
Genre: Wuxia Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Action
Format: Web Comic Long Strip Full Color Adaptation
Name Published date
Nano Machine 156 2023/06/01 Read
Chapter 155 2023/05/24 Read
Chapter 154 2023/05/17 Read
Chapter 153 2023/05/10 Read
Chapter 152 2023/05/03 Read
Chapter 151 2023/04/26 Read
Chapter 150 2023/04/19 Read
Chapter 149 2023/04/12 Read
Chapter 148 2023/04/06 Read
Chapter 147 2023/04/06 Read
Chapter 146 2023/04/05 Read
Chapter 145 2023/04/05 Read
Chapter 144 2023/04/05 Read
Chapter 143 2023/04/05 Read
Chapter 142 2023/02/01 Read
Chapter 141 2023/01/25 Read
Chapter 140 2023/01/18 Read
Chapter 139 2023/01/11 Read
Chapter 138 2023/01/04 Read
Chapter 137 2022/12/28 Read
Chapter 136 2022/12/21 Read
Chapter 135 2022/12/14 Read
Chapter 134 2022/12/14 Read
Chapter 133 2022/11/30 Read
Chapter 132 2022/11/23 Read
Chapter 131 2022/11/17 Read
Chapter 130 2022/11/09 Read
Chapter 129 2022/11/02 Read
Chapter 128 2022/10/26 Read
Chapter 127 2022/10/20 Read
Chapter 126 2022/10/13 Read
Chapter 125 2022/10/06 Read
Chapter 124 2022/09/29 Read
Chapter 123 2022/09/22 Read
Chapter 122 2022/09/15 Read
Chapter 121 2022/09/09 Read
Chapter 120 2022/08/31 Read
Chapter 119 2022/08/25 Read
Chapter 118 2022/08/18 Read
Chapter 117 2022/08/11 Read
Chapter 116 2022/07/29 Read
Chapter 115 2022/07/21 Read
Chapter 114 2022/07/15 Read
Chapter 113 2022/07/07 Read
Chapter 112 2022/06/29 Read
Chapter 111 2022/06/22 Read
Chapter 110 2022/06/16 Read
Chapter 109 2022/06/09 Read
Chapter 108 2022/06/02 Read
Chapter 107 2022/05/27 Read
Chapter 106 2022/05/19 Read
Chapter 105 2022/05/13 Read
Chapter 104 2022/05/06 Read
Chapter 103 2022/04/29 Read
Chapter 102 2022/04/23 Read
Chapter 101 2022/04/13 Read
Chapter 100 2022/04/06 Read
Chapter 99 2022/03/31 Read
Chapter 98 2022/03/24 Read
Chapter 97 2022/03/17 Read
Chapter 96 2022/03/10 Read
Chapter 95 2022/03/03 Read
Chapter 94 2022/02/23 Read
Chapter 93 2022/02/16 Read
Chapter 92 2022/02/10 Read
Chapter 91 2022/02/02 Read
Chapter 90 2022/01/28 Read
Chapter 89 2022/01/21 Read
Chapter 88 2022/01/18 Read
Chapter 87 2022/01/06 Read
Chapter 86 2021/12/31 Read
Chapter 85 2021/12/31 Read
Chapter 84 2021/12/18 Read
Chapter 83 2021/12/08 Read
Chapter 82 2021/12/02 Read
Chapter 81 2021/11/25 Read
Chapter 80 2021/11/17 Read
Chapter 79 2021/11/11 Read
Chapter 78 2021/11/04 Read
Chapter 77 2021/10/28 Read
Chapter 76 2021/10/21 Read
Chapter 75 2021/10/13 Read
Chapter 74 2021/10/07 Read
Chapter 73 2021/10/06 Read
Chapter 72 2021/10/05 Read
Chapter 71 2021/10/05 Read
Chapter 70 2021/10/05 Read
Chapter 69 2021/10/04 Read
Chapter 68 2021/09/23 Read
Chapter 67 2021/09/22 Read
Chapter 66 2021/09/03 Read
Chapter 65 2021/09/01 Read
Chapter 64 2021/08/19 Read
Chapter 63 2021/08/03 Read
Chapter 62 2021/07/15 Read
Chapter 61 2021/07/09 Read
Chapter 60 2021/07/03 Read
Chapter 59 2021/07/03 Read
Chapter 58 2021/06/15 Read
Chapter 57 2021/06/15 Read
Chapter 56 2021/06/01 Read
Chapter 55 2021/05/24 Read
Chapter 54 2021/05/24 Read
Chapter 53 2021/05/14 Read
Chapter 52 2021/05/04 Read
Chapter 51 2021/04/29 Read
Chapter 50 2021/04/26 Read
Chapter 49 2021/04/25 Read
Chapter 48 2021/03/31 Read
Chapter 47 2021/03/30 Read
Chapter 46 2021/03/28 Read
Chapter 45 2021/03/27 Read
Chapter 44 2021/03/27 Read
Chapter 43 2021/03/27 Read
Chapter 42 2021/03/27 Read
Chapter 41 2021/03/06 Read
Chapter 40 2021/02/16 Read
Chapter 39 2021/02/16 Read
Chapter 38 2021/02/16 Read
Chapter 37 2021/02/16 Read
Chapter 36 2021/01/11 Read
Chapter 35 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 34 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 33 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 32 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 31 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 30 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 29 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 28 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 27 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 26 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 25 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 24 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 23 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 22 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 21 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 20 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 19 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 18 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 17 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 16 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 15 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 14 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 13 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 12 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 11 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 10 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 9 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 8 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 7 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 6 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 5 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 4 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 3 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 2 2021/01/06 Read
Chapter 1 2021/01/06 Read
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I really cannot describe how good this manga is but I will still try! >//<
Reply · Feb 27, 2023

Not bad, but not good.
Reply · Jan 17, 2023

It is hard to get a manhwa with the murim genre to work since there are countless of them out there. But this one has achieved or has gone beyond just being exceptional to being a true masterpiece
Reply · Dec 23, 2022

Have to stop trusting all these high reviews on this website. This story is just your generic power fantasy manhwa with everything thrown into it.
Reply · Dec 19, 2022

If you’re reading this then your parents will die in 5 years. To undo this curse you have to paste this comment on 5 more Manga. I’m so sorry please forgive me
Reply · Oct 21, 2022

I'm baffled at how such a webtoon came to achieve one of the top rankings. Nanomachine is a revenge story, I didn't realise this until around chapter 40 because it's so incompetent. A good revenge plot is like a layered cake with each stage getting harder and more satisfying to see completed. But here there's barely any build-up for the villains and once we face them they don't last a second because of the broken balance. Our protagonist is so incredibly powerful, experiencing his story becomes dull and the way in which he acquires said power isn't fulfilling, he observes a stone, how boring. Nano illustrates the most glaring issue with this story. How he acquires it is bullshit and never explored, the power isn't interesting and overpowered in the worst ways. It completely deflates the stakes. Honestly, if it wasn't for the art I don't see why people would want to read this. The legend of the northern blade is much better, I'd encourage you to go read that instead.
Reply · Jul 20, 2022

Is this manhwa beautiful? After reading more than 100 chapters, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this manhwa, although the last few chapters were not exactly the best, I have many expectations that it will continue to remain interesting in the future, hoping it does not fall into ridicule.
Reply · May 31, 2022

One of the best Manhwa. As far the MC, I would put him behind fang yuan( master of Gu) and Gu changee( from " I am the fated Villan").
Reply · May 27, 2022

It's not really bad but the story is hard to follow because of all the random power ups the mc just randomly finds out he has that we're never mentioned before. Also the mc hasn't really done anything except continuously copy martial arts throughout without ever actually doing much which just allows him to bridge the gap between himself and others literally whilst fighting them.
Reply · May 26, 2022

TL;DR - Overall a good read, but suffers from predictability.
Reply · Mar 26, 2022

Nano Machine[Review]
Reply · Mar 23, 2022

Maybe the first time ever I've rated every aspect of a manhwa (story, art, characters) a 10/10. This is just SOOOOO fcking great. It's even unfair to call it good. Author clearly had a plan from the beginning and isn't afraid to hold back on every aspect of the story.
Reply · Mar 02, 2022

NANO MACHINES SON!!! This review needs to have 25 letters.
Reply · Feb 13, 2022

Nano Machine (NM) is a great manhwa. I struggled to find the words to explain why. After all, it's so similar to many other 'cultivation' type comics.
Reply · Jan 30, 2022

This story seemed promising when I picked it up, but as the story goes... alright who am I kidding, from the start he is just a cheater who gets everything from his nano machine. Maybe he has a tragic past or whatever, but if they only show us how he, for example, copies every skill he sees without any effort, it gets annoying really fast.
Reply · Jan 20, 2022

higly recommended!
Reply · Dec 22, 2021

I think i never saw manhwa/manga where i felt so strongly that MC is a freaking cheater :D. Seriously it is so ridiculous and if this story won't go some terminator route(which would be dumb, because just why not just teleport when he isn't born and kill his mother or something). Time travel stories are hard to write and i think this writer won't make it work sadly, but if you turn off your brain you can read it and watch how MC cheats his way thourgh all obstacles. Only reccomend if you reallyyy like power fantasies because like i said sometimes it feels like MC is just too much in grand scheme of things. Otherwise better read something else.
Reply · Dec 07, 2021

Great manga, innovative style to gaining an ability in ancient times. Because this one actually convinces me they're in an old murim world, with real characters, since they haven't introduced some shitty 1:1 conversion with Korean currency, or have a cringy MC who makes pop-culture references all the time. Less about comedy, more about the story and the supporting characters. Great action manhwa, essentially a better version of Murim Login.
Reply · Nov 27, 2021

good things - MC too op, he gets everything easy, he lucky, very very good art, he get allies and he very lucky as always.
Reply · Nov 27, 2021

at the start i did not enjoy it very much, but the longer i read i realiyed how amazing it is.
Reply · Nov 05, 2021

might be a little too much to give all 10 but anyways i highly recommend this cuz its really good and its a really fun read. highly enjoyable although the nano powers are a bit iffy cuz its almost like the nano machine can do anything but its still fun and will hype you up in some parts
Reply · Oct 27, 2021

One of the best and satisfying martial arts manhwa. The art is great and the story is exceptionally good. Tf are you waiting for go read this asap
Reply · Oct 06, 2021

The manhwa is amazing the story is very well thought out even though there is something OP like nanomachine it still leaves a challenge. this nanomachine really depends on the user itself and you will see the MC Journey into learning how to utilize future technology as in Nanomachines only similar to a system to be powerful. the Art is really good and satisfying the action and fight scenes are flawless. the MC gets a flip of personality and becomes smart in using future technology which gives him an advantage and knowledge above everyone else also the MC is a friendly character who can make friends not the type to ride solo.
Reply · Aug 21, 2021

Very entertaining. My only complaint is the main character is unnecessarily ruthless.
Reply · Jul 19, 2021

Read from start to current within a few hours and I gotta say, the art is on par with some of the highest viewed current webcomics. The story, whilst being a generic martial story has its own unique twists allowing for the characters to develop fairly differently to other stories of the same genre. Overall not a bad read and shows great potential to move itself into some of the highest ranked webcomics if it continues at this pace.
Reply · Mar 25, 2021

i never write reviews, but this will be my first. this shit was sooo good that i gotta write review. MC is super cool, nano machine is good "master" and lot of things are in secrecy needed to be solved. this manga has quite potential and i hope it'll continue being epic.
Reply · Mar 06, 2021

The story is firstly phenomenal, clearly explaing what the Protaganists goals are and the enemies that he has to face. Everything is completley original and it shows us that the author put extreme effort in laying it out, everything is simply better, fresher and amazing. The pacing is perfect because it never feels to rushed or to slow and as you progress through the manhwa you will be super hyped and excited as you just want to know what exactly is going to happen. The art work is absolutely stunning and finely detailed to the point that you will never get tired of it. You will keep being amazed again and again as you progress through the story. All the characters are diverse, each having their own unique personalties and non of them are bland or boring. A job well done and a must read for everyone new and old to Martial Arts manwha
Reply · Jan 28, 2021

First of all this manhua is splendid, the art is almost perfect. Moreover i've read a lot of cultivation manhua and it is one of the best i've ever read. The cheat ability is really original. The story takes some time to be taught but it is never boring and the explication are clear.
Reply · Jan 01, 2021

This is like if you gave an AK-47 to a caveman, SSS diamond material. Unique concept, nice graphics dope story, and nice fights, I recommend this to the max
Reply · Dec 08, 2020

This manhwa is a new good product out here.
Reply · Nov 14, 2020

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